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Please verify that you are using the correct User ID and password before going back to the previous page and trying again.

Your email User ID usually consists of your first and middle initials and your last name, you may verify your user ID using the State Employee Directory.

If you are having trouble with your password please contact your department's assigned  Enterprise Directory Password Administrator.

You may be experiencing password difficulties due to passwords saved by your web browser. The password stored in your browser may not match your current State of Alaska Enterprise password. To clear passwords saved by your browser complete the following steps:

Microsoft Internet Explorer 7
1. At the top of the Internet Explorer browser window on the menu bar, click on Tools, and select Internet Options
2. In the Internet Options dialog, select the General tab, and click Delete button in the Browsing History section
3. To delete information from web forms, select the Delete forms... button and click Yes
4. To delete passwords, select the Delete passwords... button and click Yes
5. Click Close, then click OK to apply your changes

Mozilla Firefox 3.5
1. At the top of the Mozilla Firefox browser window on the menu bar, click on the Tools, and select Options...
2. In the Options dialog, select the Security tab, and click the Saved Passwords... button in the Passwords section
3. In the Saved Passwords window, select the password(s) to delete and click the Remove button, or click Remove All
4. Click Close, then click OK to apply your changes

If error persists please contact the Division of Finance Webmaster.