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What information is available for view on the Employee Documents Online website?
Paystub information is now available online on this website for the pay period ending 12/31/2016 and earlier. This information is identical to the information formerly printed and mail/delivered to you each payday on your payroll advice for direct deposit payroll. Starting with the pay period ending 1/15/2017 employee paystubs are available in IRIS HRM Employee Self Service (ESS). ESS is available to all active State employees and may be accessed at https://iris-ess.alaska.gov. To login to ESS, employees will use their 6-digit Employee ID and enterprise password.
Will all paychecks be viewable on the Online Paystubs website?
No, only payroll advices provided to State employees who receive their pay via direct (electronic) deposit for the pay period ending 12/31/2016 and earlier are available for viewing online. Employees who received a paper check (warrant) received their payroll information attached to the warrant and this information is not available online. In addition, special payroll adjustments/payments issued via paper warrants are not available online.
How long will my paystubs be available for viewing online?
Paystubs will be available online for 18 months after the pay period end date.
Will there be a printable version of the paystub and will it look similar to the previous version?
Yes, two views of the paystub are available, a HTML presentation which provides a quick view of your payroll information and a PDF version which can be saved or printed for future retrieval. The PDF version is formatted to closely resemble the paper payroll advices formerly used.
Who can I contact if I need additional information or have questions regarding the information displayed on my paystub?
A list of payroll contacts is available online. Most Executive branch employees can contact the Employee Call Center in the Division of Personnel, Employee Planning and Information Center (EPIC) at (907) 465-3009 or by email. Employees in the Office of the Governor, Legislative, and Judicial branches should reference the list of payroll contacts for payroll staff in their specific agency.
How do I sign up for, or change, my direct deposit account information?
To sign up for or make a change to current direct deposit information, employees can complete a Net-Pay Distribution (MYNPD) document through IRIS ESS at https://iris-ess.alaska.gov.
Can I reconcile my online paystub with my W-2?
Yes, a reference document describing how to read your paystub and reconcile the information displayed there to the information printed on your year-end W-2 form can be found here.
How secure is this site?
Access to the paystub information available on this website is only possible after an employee has authenticated using their enterprise directory User ID and SOA Password. It is the State of Alaska's policy to require the use of a Strong Password that expires every 90 days. Data on this site is further protected with a Verisign® Secure Site SSL Certificate that protects the transmission of data.

Users who try to access pages containing paystub information without logging in first will be automatically redirected to the Login page in order to authenticate to the application. Paystub information is available to employees based on their SOA employee number, a unique six-digit number; no Social Security Number (SSN) information is stored or accessible within this application.
Does my SOA Password expire?
Yes, it is the State's policy that the SOA Password must be changed every 90 days or else they will expire causing the user's account to be locked. State employees who have State email accounts receive a warning message prior to their password expiration, but employees who do not have State email accounts will not receive this warning.

It is recommended that users change their SOA Password every 60 days at the SOA Password Change webpage in order to prevent getting locked out of the Employee Documents Online website due to password expiration. Employees who have been locked out will need to contact their agency's enterprise directory password administrator for assistance in resetting their password.
How do I reset or change my SOA Password?
SOA Password reset requests are processed by your department/agency assigned enterprise directory password administrator. To change your password, please go to the online SOA Password Change page.
Who has access to my online paystub information?
The Employee Documents Online website is only accessible via a login using the employee's State of Alaska enterprise directory User ID and SOA Password.

There is a special security group set up to allow staff members of the Division of Finance, Payroll Section, the Division of Personnel, and select agency payroll staff access to all State employee paystubs. Members of this group are still required to authenticate to the website using their User ID and SOA Password. The purpose of this group is to allow access to an employee's paystubs who may be unable to access the information themselves online or to assist an employee who has left State service and no longer has an enterprise directory User ID which is required to access the website.
How long will my session last after I login to the Online Paystub website?
The website is configured to timeout an open session after 5 minutes of inactivity. This prevents unauthorized access to your paystub information if you neglect to logout of the website.
Will I be able to access my online paystub after I leave State service?
No, the website is only accessible to current State employees. Employees who require access to their paystub information after leaving state service will be required to contact their payroll contact who can access the employee's information via a special security group.
Who can I contact if I have questions regarding the Employee Documents Online website?
Questions regarding the Employee Documents Online website can be addressed to the Division of Finance webmaster via email or (907) 465-5635.